We weren’t exactly sure what to get you for our anniversary (what is the 5th anniversary anyway? Cotton? Paper?), so we entered everyone celebrating their R-TRIP anniversary into a drawing for $50.  Hopefully you’ll get more use out of that than a long stemmed red rose.

The longer you’ve been with R-TRIP the more chances you had to win!

Anniversaries make us a little sappy, so we’ll just say we appreciate your dedication to making Redmond & our region a better place.  Taking an alternative commute mode is just one way to show your love for our area, and entering you in this drawing is our way of saying thanks. We love you.

Now back to business. The winners below:

5 Years with R-TRIP!

Sing W. from Bellevue working at Microsoft
Andrew M. from Seattle working at Microsoft
Lilian W. from Issaquah working at Microsoft
Brian M. from Sammamish working at Golder Associates, Inc
Genevieve T. from Seattle working at Microsoft

4 Years with R-TRIP!

Kenneth J. from Seattle working at Microsoft
Katy F. from Snoqualmie working at Microsoft
Vivek M. from Redmond working at Microsoft
Michael G. from Woodinville working at Microsoft

3 Years with R-TRIP!

Zak K. from   Bellevue working at Microsoft
Jon D. from Seattle working at Microsoft
Kyle C. from Seattle working at Microsoft

2 Years with R-TRIP!

Julian A. from Sammamish working at Microsoft
Randy C. from Seattle working at   Microsoft

1 Year with R-TRIP!

Michael H. from Kirkland working at Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems

One thought on “Happy Anniversary to You!

  • October 2, 2013 at 8:37 am

    Yay and Yippee to those folks that bike commute year-round and have been doing so most of their life.

    Started my bike commute as a sophmore in High School, through College, through shopping with babies on the back seat, to various careers and various states, including bicycle touring vacations…September marked my 41st year of using a bicycle to get from point A to point B most of my life. Pedal Power ROCKS!!

    Pedal on People!…Enjoy the RIde and remember what Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To stay in balance you must keep moving.” :-)

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