A quick update for those of you who like buses:

Redmond’s B-Line got federal funding!

Here are some of highlights:

King County Metro apparently will get the $21.3 million in federal money to launch the county’s second RapidRide bus line.

The “B” line, from Bellevue to Redmond, is scheduled to start this fall. Metro plans six routes by 2013, connecting transit corridors like West Seattle to downtown and downtown to Ballard,  Seattle to Shoreline, and Burien to Renton.

Rapidride is King County’s version of bus rapid transit, the idea that buses running in their own lanes with priority at traffic signals can run as reliably as trains but at a fraction of the cost. Rapidride buses have lower floors and three doors so passengers can board more quickly.

Metro sought about $93 million from the Federal Transit Administration’s Small Starts grant program to help pay for about $215 million in startup capital costs. Those include $118 million for 113 new buses; $50 million for corridor, signal and road work; and $35 million to build stations and new facilities.

Read the full article at:  http://blog.seattlepi.com/transportation/2011/04/14/u-s-house-approves-21-million-for-rapidride-b-line/

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