What To Do When I-90 Closes

Oh boy. This could be troublesome. Westbound I-90 closing to one lane for July 18-25th will make it very challenging for commuters.

We’re always advocates of sharing the ride, telecommuting, and riding bicycles, but this is going to be a great time to utilize all your alternative commute options. If you haven’t tried the ridematching function on RideShare Online or R-TRIP, this is the perfect opportunity to see if there are others who would like to carpool-even if it is just for the week! Ridematching takes your start and end destination, and your prefered commute times and will match you with others who are nearby, traveling at the same time. Amazing!

Bus Stop Revisions Along 520 Bridge

Beginning Monday, June 16, the eastbound and westbound freeway stations located on SR-520 at Evergreen Point will be permanently replaced with the new Evergreen Point Road Freeway Stations, located in the center median of SR-520. All transit routes – except Metro Route 271 – that currently serve the SR-520 freeway stations at Evergreen Point will also serve the new freeway stations.